I'd rather have a grain of sand hurled at my head than a boulder...

Well HI!
Here is a look into my mind for those of you just DYING to know what my thoughts are.
 Let's go!

So I have a cold....

But... here's what I compare sickness to;

Imagine all of the world's sicknesses and ailments were rocks being hurled at people. Things like aggressive cancer, starvation, and so on, would be like boulders. They are going to knock you down, tear you up, and most likely kill you.
A cold is like a few grains of sand. It'll get into your eyes, your nose, and just be irritating as frack. However it will not leave you any worse for the wear when all is said and done. It's an annoyance, that is all.
Because of this, I will NEVER call in for work because of a cold, even if I have to chain a box of tissues to my waist.

So there's a little ray of sunshine for your day... Eh?

In regards to the Year of Months..


I haven't even though about what I'll be doing starting on Sunday for an entire month, but nonetheless I am excited to do it!

In regards to the YA Rebels...

We are rebooting! We are looking for a few good peeps so we can get launched and back on track! This year will bring you more author interviews, more fun insight into all different viewpoints in the YA lit world, and just... MORE. So stay tuned. Or audition. Auditioning is good too.

Anyways you guys rock my sick face off.


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